Program Proposals for PASA's 2019 Conference

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Primary Contact for Proposal
Please provide contact information for the person who should receive communication regarding this proposal. If this proposal is selected, this contact will be responsible for finalizing the description and providing the audio and visual needs via the Program Information Form. Note, if accepted, we will be in touch with each speaker, who will need to submit the Speaker Information Form to provide their detailed information, including their biography, as well.

Phone Number

Please provide the best number to reach you. Mobile is strongly preferred.

What length of time do you want for the program?
We anticipate having three to six full day programs (7 hours) and they will all be scheduled on Wednesday. The rest of the length options will be scheduled across Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Draft Title
Please keep the title simple and clear. The title should give potential attendees a good sense of what will be covered in the program and, if applicable, the level of material. If appropriate, the title could also indicate the intended audience. Limited to 75 characters.

Draft Description
Describe this program as you would like it to be promoted to potential attendees. Provide a clear description using three to five sentences that tells the potential attendees what they can expect to learn in this program. Please do not include biographical information in the description. The primary contact will have the opportunity to edit this draft if the program is accepted. Limited to 500 characters.

Draft Agenda
For programs 2.25 hours or longer, please provide information that reflects how the time will be used. If there will be multiple speakers, indicate who will cover which areas.

Day(s) Available
Please select what day(s) this specific program could be scheduled.

Include yourself in this count.

List all co-speakers for the program alphabetically by last name then first name. If you are also speaking, you do not need to provide your information again. You only need to provide the name(s) and contact information for your co-presenters.

List all speakers for the program alphabetically by last name then first name. 

Speaker(s) Background
Please provide a brief background for yourself and any co-speakers, highlighting experience and expertise relevant to the proposed topic. If your program is selected, we will be in touch with each speaker to collect a full biography to include in our conference program book.

Speaker Compensation & Program Costs
As a non-profit education organization, we try to stretch our budget as far as possible to maximize the impact of our program. We also understand that some speakers and programs will need additional support.

Please describe any compensation that would be needed to make this program doable. If multiple speakers are involved, be specific to each speaker. Our compensation guidelines are listed here. As a reminder, all speakers are provided conference registration, as well as lunch and parking the day(s) they speak. We will look at requests for travel and lodging for speakers who travel more than 50 miles one way. There is limited funding to cover additional requests for compensation.

Please also include an estimate for any costs relating to supplies.