Pasabilities Award Nominations

Each year at our Sustainable Agriculture Conference, we honor farmer, community, and business leaders who serve as examples for advancing sustainable agriculture through innovation and collaboration. 

Award recipients are selected by a committee of Pasa's Board of Directors. The committee considers all nominations, selecting based on the following criteria. 

Pasabilities Award nominees should exemplify these values: 

Education & Inspiration

  • Serving as an example for others to model, emulate, or learn from
  • Demonstrating a willingness to share their knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Actively advocating for sustainable practices, encouraging and leading others to adopt them


  • Articulating a strong desire to improve food, farms, and communities
  • Communicating this passion in many ways, such as writing, presentations, and speaking—whether one-on-one, or to audiences


  • Demonstrating creativity in their approach to how they work to achieve sustainability


  • Making an impact in their community that strengthens their food system
  • Conducting outreach that is broadly relevant across geographical boundaries
  • Articulating and demonstrating to others, actively and by example, that sustainable practices produce healthy and delicious food, and are beneficial to the family farm, the environment, human health, and quality of life

Please read about some recent Pasabilities Award Recipients then submit at least one nominee to be honored at #Pasa2025. You can submit more than one!

Providing your email will allow us to contact you for follow-up, if necessary.

We prioritize farmers and farm businesses but also recognize the vital contributions to our food systems by non-farming businesses, organizations, and community members. The Board may select multiple recipients from the same category or not award in any certain category.

Please include first and last name for individuals.

Please write at least 3-5 sentences.

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